World leaders in interim management

About X-PM


We have been pioneers in interim management since 2001. Our business consists of strengthening the management of organisations ( major groups, mid-sized companies, investment funds, etc.) that want to succeed in their transformation projects in complex environments, or that lack the resources and skills required to achieve their objectives within set deadlines.

X-PM has carefully selected the best interim managers in France and abroad to successfully deliver your projects (business continuity, transformation projects, crisis management, etc.). Our pool of talent, all experts in their field or industry, is now at your service to support you in all your projects and make them a success.


At X-PM, we are committed to setting measurable, step-by-step objectives and to do everything we can to achieve them. Your satisfaction is our key indicator.

Entrepreneurial mindset

Business leaders, we are at your side. X-PM and its interim managers are committed to helping you succeed in your transformation projects, to grow, innovate and create more value for your organisation.

Team work

Every successful project is the result of teamwork. Nothing is possible without the actions of the interim manager on the ground. Together we, the X-PM partner’s strategy and you, the client manager, will create the best possible environment to deliver impactful work.

Open to the world

To make your projects a success, we draw inspiration from solutions that have proved their worth both at home and abroad. This is why we recruit the best interim managers from diverse backgrounds.

Expert talents at your service

Alongside our team of partners who advise and support you, X-PM has created a pool of over 10,000 interim managers. Highly qualified men and women from all industries and trades, across all continents. They have been carefully selected for their personality and professional skills and have been trained to meet the specific requirements of interim management. Fully committed, they are out in the field, involving your teams and ensuring the success of the project.

A global perspective

Since the company was founded, we have led more than 1,500 projects around the world. Our office network in Asia and our affiliation with the WIL Group provide us with an in-depth knowledge of local practices and players. Additional assets to successfully manage your international projects (reorganisation or restructuring of foreign subsidiaries, relocation of production facilities to new territories, etc.).

A strong organisation

Each of our projects is divided into three stages: project definition, implementation and handover. The team in charge of the project consists of an X-PM partner and an interim manager carefully selected for their skills, experience and knowledge. Our availability, our flexibility and our total commitment to you enable us to deliver rapid and lasting results.

Human capital

In addition to our pool of experienced managers who have successfully worked in managerial and/or executive positions, you will be assisted on each project by one of X-PM’s partners, who will ensure the quality of our services. We also rely on our network of business advisors, renowned for their extensive knowledge in various economic fields and their management experience with major groups.

The combination of high-quality expertise and genuine human qualities is what makes our interim managers unique and enables us to successfully fulfil the projects you entrust to us.

François BeaugrandX-PM CEO