Our locations

A global perspective

We can support you on all continents

At X-PM, we operate on a global scale. Since we were founded in 2001, we have successfully carried out more than 1,500 projects in France and around the world: reorganisation projects, restructuring foreign subsidiaries, relocation of production facilities to new countries, etc.

In addition to our strong presence in France and Europe, our offices in Asia and our affiliation to the WIL Group’s global network provide us with a perfect knowledge of local management procedures and economic players. These assets enable us to successfully manage your strategic projects.

Our locations

With offices in over 40 countries, our interim managers can provide reliable support in all business areas. We are committed to the same standards of quality and results, on all continents.

A strong foothold in Asia

Since 2005, X-PM has had a strong position in Asia where we have opened our own offices in China, Singapore and Hong Kong. We have also been operating in India since 2011.

WIL Group

As part of the WIL Group, an international network of interim and executive interim management companies (https://www.wilgroup.net), we provide you with access to the best experts and most sought-after skills around the world. With a pool of more than 4,500 top-level interim managers, who can lead complex projects, we can help you meet your challenges and achieve your goals.

Cercle International

X-PM has developed an international network of experts who have spent several years of their work experience abroad. The purpose of this group is to identify geopolitical trends and any innovations that may be useful to our clients.

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